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Bridging Cultures with Precision: Willingjet's Expert Multimedia Localization Services

In the accelerating process of globalization, multinational corporations in various industries are actively expanding their business scope, which includes multimedia content involving multiple languages and cultures. In order to meet the needs of users in different regions and languages, multimedia localization has become an essential part. This article will introduce Willingjet's multimedia localization service.

Professional Cross-Cultural and Cross-Industry Subtitle Translation

Willingjet's subtitle interpreters come from a wide range of regions and industries, with specialized backgrounds in multiple fields and a deep appreciation for the cultural differences between regions. In view of the characteristics of video texts in various industries, Willingjet rationally assigns translators through professional classification. At the same time, Willingjet utilizes online terminology databases to ensure that the translated content is of high quality in terms of terminology and professional skills. Finally, according to the cultural differences of different regions, the translators will make appropriate adjustments to the translated text to make it conform to the cultural, customary, and religious characteristics of the people in the target region.

Subtitled Professional Listening

Some videos have voice but no subtitles. To deal with this situation, Willingjet has professional listeners who can listen to the voice of the video word by word and sentence by sentence. Before listening, the transcriptionist will go through the video to fully understand the content and context of the video, which ensures that there are no errors or omissions in the transcription. At the same time, it provides a pre-treatment for the next step of the translation work, saving project time and improving efficiency.

Strict Revision Process

After the subtitle translation is completed, Willingjet has proofreaders to conduct a preliminary review of the translation sentence by sentence. After the initial review, an intermediate review is arranged with industry experts according to the type of industry involved in the video to ensure that the terminology is correctly expressed. Finally, the subtitles are proofread in terms of cultural and linguistic characteristics, presentation effects, and artistic creation.

Multimedia localization is the process of translating and culturally adapting the original multimedia content to meet the needs of local users, thereby enhancing the sales ability and brand influence of the product. Since its establishment in 2002, Willingjet has committed to translation and localization services in life science, multimedia, financial and legal, IT, and marketing, covering translation, interpretation, transcreation, eCTD, DTP, polishing, multimedia localization, and MTPE in more than 100 languages. If you need multimedia localization services, Willingjet will be your right choice.

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